The Netherlands is mostly known for its quaint canals and art museums, but there’s lots more to see and do in this country. Although the country is very urbanised by European standards, the Dutch love being out in nature, and they’ve done a lot to bring nature into their country, despite much of it having been artificially reclaimed from the sea.

The Chapter Guide to reviews of all the famous and undeservedly less so places we have visited in the Netherlands.

  1. Safaripark Beekse Bergen – Little Piece of Africa
  2. Artis Zoo – Wolf Pups and Other Cuties
  3. Artis Zoo – New Enclosures and Close Encounters
  4. Keukenhof – Tulip Mania!
  5. The Netherlands Railway Museum
  6. Blijdorp Zoo – Beautiful Creatures in the Urban Jungle of Rotterdam
  7. City Critters – Amsterdam’s Artis Zoo (NEW)

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