Powerful beats tied with a sensual melody and infused with dark undertones, “Wobble Odyssey” takes you deep into a musically delicious journey, one of eroticism and emancipation. Our heroine, like Eve in the Garden of Earthly Delights, struggles with the temptation of knowledge, being offered it several times by forces from without. But true knowledge can only come from the inside, and the pleasure of sin in all its entirety can only be attained when the choice is made from the sinner, and the sinner alone.

Sinas plays world dance music, a mix of multicultural beats, contemporary melodies with jazz instruments, into a delicious, groovy whole. Their  influences come from the Orient and Africa, mixed in with more familiar instruments and electronic sounds, to give a truly unique show. They are definitely unlike anything else and we highly recommend them.

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Danijel is a professional travel and music photographer and video producer.

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