A small country in the Middle East, Jordan is one of the few accessible places in the region that remain safe to visit. Join us for two weeks of adventure, from the deserts of Wadi Rum to the shores of the Dead Sea. We were taken back in time, into the early days of civilisation, as we strolled through the ruins of Petra and drank tea with the Bedouins, who live a way of life that remains true to their history. From walking through the wonder that is Jordan’s Dana Valley, battling though the rapids of Wadi Mujib and seeing ancient Islamic architecture, experiencing Jordan’s wonders is an eye opening experience.

The Experience
Hikes, Dives, Sightseeing and Culture

  1. Jordan – A Travel Destination
  2. Amman – The Bedouin Metropolis
  3. Inside Petra – a Wonder of the World
  4. Jerash – Jordan’s Forgotten Wonder
  5. Wadi Rum – Campfires at the Bottom of the Ocean
  6. Dana Valley – The Blooming Desert
  7. The Dead Sea – Fun and Foolishness
  8. Wadi Mujib – The Siq Trail
  9. The Desert Castles – Fragments from a Lost Empire
  10. Diving in Aqaba – Going Underwater

Guides and Travel Advice

  1. Travel to Jordan – Sites, Lodging, Tipping and Bargaining
  2. Itinerary – Jordan in 15 Days

Jordan Photo Gallery

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