Singapore is one of the most fascinating cities today. I’m from Singapore, and I can say that I’ve never really appreciated what an incredible place it is, until I left it to live elsewhere. It is, in many ways, a utopia. Decades of architectural, engineering and social planning efforts have created the city of the future. Nowhere else in the world is nature so well integrated into a city as urbanised as Singapore.

In recent years, Singapore has also made great strides towards preserving its cultural heritage, even as it continues to modernise at a break-neck pace. A must-stop for foodies, it has some of the best samples of cuisine from literally all over the world, not to mention its own delicious and unique local fare.

There are many things about Singapore I wish were different – its very materialistic culture for one, I can’t stand. Yet there are so many things about it that make me consider returning for more than just a visit.

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  1. Animals in the Singapore Zoo
  2. River Safari, Jurong Birdpark and the Night Safari
  3. Revisiting Singapore Zoo & River Safari
  4. Henderson Waves – Macaws Over Singapore (NEW)
  5. Exploring Singapore’s Chinatown (NEW)

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