Madeira is a collection of islands off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s mostly known for its wine, which is sweet and rich. But it’s also an excellent destination for hikers and nature lovers. Its main island is made up mostly of protected laurisilva forests, which only grow in a few places on Earth.

Tourism is well developed on Madeira, so you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to wining, dining and hotels. It’s also really easy to get around, thanks to money poured in for the development of roads on this mountainous island. Yet, it doesn’t take long to get off the beaten track, to find yourself alone with nature and the wonderful flora and fauna that live and grow here.

The Experience
Hikes, Sightseeing and Culture

  1. Walks in Rabaçal – Levada das 25 Fontes and Levado do Risco
  2. Jeep Tour on Madeira to Porto Moniz
  3. Funchal – City of Gardens
  4. Funchal – Foods and Oddities
  5. Pico do Arieiro – Rising Above the Clouds
  6. Hike on the Peninsula of Sao Lourenco (NEW)

Madeira Photo Gallery

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