Although we already visited Africa on several occasions – Morocco and Cape Verde, this was our first visit to the “true” sub-Saharan Africa. Needless to say, it has met and surpassed all our expectations and we cannot wait to go back. Whether you are into the amazing open vistas of Amboseli and its magnificent sunsets, challenging treks up the second highest African mountain – Mt. Kenya, incredible white sands of the East Coast beaches, close encounters with the most amazing wildlife, Kenya has it all, and much more to boot.

We think that we have just scratched the surface of all the incredible things one may experience in Kenya. Here, we will present the best of what we have encountered so far, with hopefully much more to come.

The Experience
Wildlife, Nature, Treks and Sightseeing

  1. Amboseli National Park – Kilimanjaro, Sunsets and Elephants
  2. Mount Kenya – The Most Gorgeous Defeat Ever
  3. Mombasa – Faded Gem of Kenya’s East Coast
  4. Gedi & Malindi – Mysterious Ruins and Vasco da Gama
  5. Arabuko Sokoke and Mida Creek – the Lost Worlds of Kenya
  6. To Hell’s Gate and Back Through the Rift
  7. Lake Naivasha and its Denizens
  8. Nairobi National Park – Wildlife Oasis with a City Skyline (NEW)

Guides and Travel Advice

  1. Driving in Kenya – a Hazardous Affair (NEW)

Kenya Photo Gallery

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