The Chapter Guide to reviews of all the places we visited on Cape Verde.

The Experience
Hikes, Dives, Sightseeing and Culture

  1. Visit Cape Verde – More than Sun, Surf and Sand
  2. Hiking on Brava – A Walk in the Cloud Forest
  3. Hiking on Brava – The Road to Fajã de Água
  4. New Year’s on Cape Verde – Brava Island
  5. Horse Riding on Sal with Santa Marilha
  6. Diving around Sal Island
  7. Hiking on the Ancient Coast of Santo Antão
  8. Hiking through Paúl Valley – A Place Lost in Time
  9. Agricultural Hike on Santo Antão
  10. Waterfall Hike in Paúl Valley
  11. The Road to Tarrafal on Santo Antão
  12. Cape Verde’s Oldest Settlement – Cidade Velha
  13. Scenic Drive to the Delgadinho Mountain Ridge
  14. Sucupira Market – A Portrait of Cape Verde
  15. Winding down in Mindelo, São Vicente

Guides and Travel Advice

  1. Things to do on the Cape Verde Islands
  2. Get to and Travel Between the Islands in Cape Verde
  3. Food and Lodging in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Photo Gallery

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