The Chapter Guide to reviews of all the places we visited in Portugal.

The Experience
Hikes,  Sightseeing and Culture

  1. Secrets of the Convent of the Capuchos
  2. Mysteries of the Quinta da Regaleira
  3. Science, Romanticism and the Pena National Palace
  4. Climbing the Moorish Castle
  5. Magical Weekend Getaway in Sintra
  6. Medieval Charm in Óbidos (UPDATED)
  7. Porto – Historical Charm, Contemporary Cool
  8. A Quick Tour of Lisbon’s Architectural History
  9. A Tour of the Churches in Lisbon
  10. Chalet of the Countess of Edla
  11. Sun, Sea and Geology in Lagos
  12. Sintra Revisited
  13. “Forests Underwater” by Takeshi Amano
  14. Lisbon Oceanarium

Guides and Travel Advice

  1. Porto – Where to Eat and Drink
  2. Porto – Where to Shop
  3. Lisbon – Where to Eat (NEW)

Portugal Photo Gallery

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